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Dormitory operation schedule (for 2019 Academic Year)

Dormitory operation schedule (for 2019 Academic Year)
Classification Operating Period
During regular semester Spring Semester Mar. 3 - June 22, 2019
Fall Semester Sep. 1 – Dec.21, 2019
During the vacation Summer Vacation To be determined
Winter Vacation To be determined

Dormitory fee (for 2019 Academic Year)

[Maintenance fee]

[Maintenance fee]
Classification Method of Finance Formation Price
(in won)
Dormitory Building 1 Internal Finance Corridor type, shared bathroom and shower room 471,520KRW
(approx. 420 USD / Semester)
2 occupants
per room
Dormitory Building 2 // corridor type, shared bathroom and shower room 421,120KRW
(approx. 375 USD / Semester)
Dormitory Building 4 // Apartment Type (1 living room, 1 shower room, 2 bathroom,3 rooms, veranda) 504,000KRW 6 occupants
(2 per room)
Dormitory Building 5~6 BTL One-room type(room, bathroom) 603,680KRW 2 occupants per room
Dormitory Building 7 BTL One-room type(room, bathroom, veranda) 740,320KRW
(approx. 660 USD / Semester)
2 occupants per room

* Fees are based on the 2019 academic year and are subject to change

[Meal plan – optional]

[Meal plan – optional]
Classification (Optional) 3 meals/day (weekdays) 2 meals/day (weekdays) 1 meal/day (weekdays)
umber of Meals Offered per Semester 240 meals 160 meals 80 meals
Number of Meals Included 240 meals / Semester 160 meals/ Semester 80 meals/ Semester
Expenses 540,000KRW/ Semester 376,000KRW/ Semester 216,000KRW/ Semester

Application Information

  • How to apply: on-line application

    * Exchange students and new international students can apply for the dormitory through the international affairs office

  • Method and period of payment for Dormitory
    • Period: information via homepage before the start of each semester
    • How to pay: After printing out the bill from the dormitory homepage, make a payment at Nonghyup Bank on campus
  • Mandatory Health check-up: Tuberculosis

Facility Information

  • Cafeteria
    • Cafeteria Hours
      Breakfast 07:00~09:00 | Lunch 11:30~14:00 | Dinner 17:00~19:00
  • Laundry Room: Each building is equipped with a public laundry room; operating hours must be strictly kept.
  • Fitness Center: The fitness center is located in building 7 and all dormitory residents can use the equipment to improve their fitness.
  • Convenience Store: Various items such as basic foods, stationery, and household goods can be purchased.
  • Study room (Seminar Room): Each building has both a study room and seminar room to help students with their studies.

Administrative Information

  • Office of Dormitory Administration: The office in charge of maintaining all facilities and operations of the cafeteria. The office sets and manages the dormitory budget, selects candidates and provides guidance.
    * Location: Welfare Building 1st floor, contact number: 055-213-2482~6
  • Maintenance Duties: Cleaning work in BTL dormitories, management of facilities, and administrative work.
  • Guidance personnel: Guidance personnel is dispatched to assist residents and to deal with emergency situations. It also conducts a point system to evaluate the conduct of residents.
    * For further information regarding roommate changes, moving out of dormitory prematurely and other information can be found in the dormitory homepage or at the Office of Dormitory Administration.