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Student Hall

  • Bongrim Hall
    Stationery shop, mini-mart, healthcare center, post office, barber shop, copy room, student cafeteria, staff cafeteria, cafe, club rooms
  • Sarim Hall
    Stationery shop, mini-mart, bookstore, travel agency, locksmith, sports shop, student cafeteria, cafe
    * Further information on cafeteria and cafe can be found in the Cafeteria Menu
Student Hall


  • Information regarding the library can be found at the library homepage. Various categories can be found at the multimedia data room.
  • Hours of the Library
    Hours of the Library
    Facility During Semester During Vacation
    Reference Room 09:00~20:00
    (Sat. & Sun. 09:30~13:00)
    (Closed Sat. & Sun)
    Studying Area 00:00 ~ 24:00
    *Reference room closing days: Saturdays and Sundays during vacation, national holidays, school anniversary (March 21)
    * Study room closing days: Lunar New Year's Day, Chuseok Holiday
  • Application Procedure
    • Student ID or other ID (staff member, special guests, etc) can be used to enter the gate of the library.
  • Reference Information
    Reference Room No. 1 (3rd floor)
    Domestic and international reference materials related to genetics, philosophy, religion, arts, language, literature and history can be accessed. Many materials can be rented out and materials can be read and copied in the library.
    Reference Room No. 2 (4th floor)
    Reference materials related to social sciences, natural sciences, and technology can be accessed. Many materials can be rented out and materials can be read and copied in the library.
    Publication material room, thesis material room, newspaper material room (2nd floor)
    Domestic and international publications of journals, cultural magazines, research papers, and publications made by the government, public sectors, and civil organizations cannot be rented out. Instead, they can be either copied or scanned within the library.
    < Annex Code: P(continual publication) T(university related materials) M(master's dissertation) D(doctoral dissertation) >
    Electronic information room(2nd floor)
    Electronic materials and non-reading materials can be accessed and information browsing and document editing can be done by using personal computers.
    Multimedia materials can be used only within the library. In order to access them, one must present his/her ID to the person in charge whereby that person is designated a seat to look over the materials.
    Facility Chart
    < Facility Chart >
    Computer and Monitor: 64 DVD Player: 24
    Computer with printer: 6 Computer with scanner: 2
    Rental Room (1st floor)
    Rental: Books can be rented by using the automated rental machine or by presenting the ID to the attendant at the rental room located on the 1st floor.
    Number of books and duration:
    Number of books and duration
    Classification General Material (Materials on 3rd and 4th floors can be rented)
    Number of Books Duration (days)
    Undergraduate 5 14
    graduate and special class 20 30
    Books can be returned by using the automated machine on the 1st floor or going to the counter or by using the automated machines located on the 3rd and 4th floors.
    During closing hours, books can be returned by using the automated machine located outside the library.
    (Library homepage => manage personal information => check returned material)
    In case of lost materials, the same material or similar material must be returned or materials with the similar topic approved by the chief librarian.
    In the event of late returns, restrictions will be placed by doubling the number of books plus the number of days. (Ex. 3 books, two days late => 12 days of rental restriction (3 books X 2 days X 2)).
    Global Lounge (1st floor)
    The Global Lounge located on the first floor of the library is the most comfortable place. The lounge is equipped with a multi-vision device, cozy chairs for viewing, computers, a browsing stand, copying machine, sofa, etc. Ample information is provided regarding employment opportunities and travel and students can get access to beneficial content through the multi-vision device. The lounge is used as a cozy resting place as well as for browsing and exchanges between occupants.

Language Education Center

The Language Education Center conducts English related courses as well as special classes for foreign languages including English to help students learn and acquire skills in foreign languages.

  • Location: Building 22
  • Facilities: Open classrooms and video classrooms (operating hours: 09:00~21:00)
  • Information on Special Language Courses
  • The center conducts 6 special language programs annually
  • Mock TOEIC testing: Mock TOEIC tests are provided for both registered students and enrolled students and they can take the test free of charge 6 times a year.
  • Further information on special language programs and others can be found on the center's
    homepage :
  • Tel : 055-213-2441, 2442
Language Education Center

English Lounge

The lounge is a rest area where students solely speak English with native English teachers. It is a place where students can improve their English skills through books in English, board games, the internet, movie viewing, etc.

  • Location: Sarim Hall, 2nd floor
  • Facilities: Information desk, cafeteria, conference room, game zone, traditional zone, and internet zone, Media Hall
  • Opening hours : 10:00 ~ 19:00 during semester (closed during vacation period)
  • Information
    * All students must possess a student ID and present it at the Information Desk of the lounge.
    * Students enrolled in English related courses must confirm their necessary English Lounge hours.
English Lounge


The museum possesses roughly 20,000 artifacts of history, archeology, and folk handicraft dating from the geologic age to the present day.

  • The museum operates a permanent exhibition hall, project exhibition hall, and the Changwon National University History Hall. It also conducts various social education programs such as cultural heritage visitation and youth classes.
  • Location: Museum/Dong-Baek Hall
  • Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 16:00 weekdays
  • Homepage :

IT Information Center

The IT Information Center conducts projects in education dealing with information and various research developments. All enrolled students can gain access to the multimedia education hall and programs related to information and technology.

  • IT program: conducted during semester as well as vacation period
  • Multimedia education hall information: 08:00 ~ 22:00 (opened all year, except during Lunar New Year's Day and Chuseok Holiday)
  • Homepage :
IT Information Center

Comprehensive Human Resource Development Center

The center operates the Employment Support and Information Center as well as the Female Career Development Center and conducts programs in employment support, career consultation, employment consultation, personality/aptitude evaluation, and English interview clinic.

Comprehensive Human Resource Development Center