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MIRKOMIL SHARIPOV (Uzbekistan, Graduate student)

HIT : 39



  Life is full of unexpected moments and surprises. Herein, I would like to share impression about my life in Korea and my studies in Changwon National University.

My name is MirkomilSharipov. I was born and grew up in Uzbekistan. I have finished French school in Uzbekistan and pursued my studies in Paris, France during five years. During my Master degree in Biomedical Chemistry department of Paris Descartes University, I had to do an internship in International University.

After a long stay in Europe, I was interested in Asian countries, especially in South Korea because of the almost similar culture to our country. Moreover, I was looking for a quiet city without traffic jams and fresh air so that I can rest from megalopolis. Obviously, South Korea is one of the developed countries with advanced science and technology level. Therefore, I have decided to do my internship in Changwon. I applied my documents to Changwon National University, which was introduced me by a friend of the family. Professor Yong-Ill Lee, from the department of analytical chemistry, has accepted me for an internship during summer vacation, and supported me. His laboratory consisted of several international students, Postdocs, and Korean students who have excellent English skills. Consequently, the adaptation to the laboratory system without the knowledge of Korean language was easy. Members of laboratory helped me to accomplish my research work and introduced me the Korean lifestyle. During my internship, I was convinced that South Korea, especially Changwon National University was the University, where I would like to continue my education. 

The decision was to leave Paris and continue my studies in Master & Ph.D. course in Changwon National University. Therefore, I started my course in September 2015 and appreciated the possibility to follow classes in English. In the last one and half year, I have gained lots in different aspects from Changwon National University. One of those aspects is the chance to learn the Korean language which is essential in diary life. Moreover, in Changwon National University, there are students, Postdocs, and teachers from different countries. I think it is a great experience for students to exchange culture, knowledge, and language.

Changwon National University has a big territory with beautiful views which includes all conveniences such as a big library, student canteens, and seven buildings of the dormitory. Another great point is that all international students have different support programs, such as scholarships, free Korean language classes, various events, and more from department of International Affairs.

Furthermore, laboratories are giving to students a chance to present their research works, acquire novel skills, and improve their knowledge by attending conferences not only in Korea but also abroad. So far, I had a chance to visit different countries and cities of South Korea. Thereby, I received a lot of new experiences which are very important in my life. I trust that all knowledge and experiences acquired in Changwon National University will be very useful for my future work.

Finally, I cannot even imagine that I have spent so much memorable time here and more yet to come. I believe that my decision to continue my education at Changwon National University will lead me to the bright future.