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THOR MIKO PEI HUA (Singapore, Language student)

HIT : 11



  I remembered I was only 10 when I first came to South Korea and I totally fell in love with the country. I love the place, the culture, the food, the interesting history as well as the people in Korea. Ever since then, I always wanted to come to Korea to explore the culture of the country as well as to study Korean language. Years later, I finally managed to have the chance to go to Changwon, South Korea to fulfill my dream.

 Changwon is a city surrounded by mountains and has a unique culture of its own. It has the combination of nature and city life where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains and by the sea as well as the bustling city life at night in the middle of Changwon city. I like Changwon because I can enjoy the best of both worlds without having to travel a far distance.

I started to study Korean language in the Korean Language School at CWNU. Having no background in Korean language, I struggled a little when I first started class. However, the teachers in the language school are very patient to answer my queries and the Korean Language School also provided extra classes in the afternoon to help us to keep up with the curriculum. My Korean language improved so much, as I am able to use simple Korean words to communicate with the locals after a short time. The courses provided by the language school not only taught us Korean language in the classrooms. The school also organizes activities like cultural excursions to other parts of Korea. We are now able to learn more about the Korean culture out of the classroom. One of the places that we went was Hamyang, which is a village with many historical houses. During the trip, we got to experience hands on activities like making the Korean traditional rice cake known as the Deok. We also had the chance to wear the Korean traditional costume known as the Hanbok and were introduced to the art of tea tasting. Through these activities, I get to know more about the Korean culture and the history of Korea. Studying Korean language is no longer a boring activity where I only sit in front of the textbook and memorize the words but I am able to understand how the language and the culture came about. I am also able to apply what I have learnt from the textbooks together with learning other things that the textbooks don’t teach. Korean Language School also provided a platform for me to make local friends as well as friends from different part of the world. The school will organize activities like sports day so that we can have the chance to meet and interact with the other Korean students in Changwon National University.

I really enjoy my time here in Changwon National University and I would like to encourage you to come and experience Korea here. I am sure that you will enjoy your time here and gain new knowledge about Korea that you won’t be able to in your home country. You will also be able to gain precious memories and experience the life as a local Korean here.