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HEDMAN REBECCA MARIA (Sweden, Language student)

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I moved to Changwon about two months ago, and started studying Korean at Changwon National University one month ago. The Korean lifestyle and culture is very different from the European. But because I lived in Japan for two years prior to moving to Korea, Iกฏm already a bit used to it. My boyfriend is also Korean so that has also made it easier for me to adjust to the Korean lifestyle. What I like best about living in Korea is the floor heating system; I never need to worry about my feet getting cold. I also like that itกฏs very easy to order delicious home delivered food, and I also like that itกฏs cheaper than Europe. Korea is also a very beautiful country with a lot of beautiful mountains, and close to the sea. The people I have met in Changwon so far have all been kind and helpful, and if there were things that I didnกฏt understand about the culture they would always be understanding. Korea also feels very safe; I have never even once felt unsafe walking by myself, not even when itกฏs really late.

Changwon National University has a big campus with great facilities, and a lot of places outside where you can sit and study during a warm day. Most times you can see activities going on the campus grounds, like people singing or dancing. The school cafeteria serves cheap and delicious meals, and if you want to eat something else there are a lot of restaurants in front of the campus. The teachers are very good and teach with a mix of humor and professionalism, and will always help when there are things you donกฏt understand. There are also a lot of students from different countries, mainly from Asia, so itกฏs easy to make and talk to international friends.