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NGUYEN THI PHUONG THAO (Vietnam, Language student)

HIT : 16



  I am Phuong Thao, a foreign student come from Vietnam. Recently I came and studied at Korean Language Center of Changwon National University. I enjoy everything here. Not only the beautiful campus with mountain around but also the teachers are so friendly and I can feel the fire of enthusiasm from them to help the overboard students just like me. I am deeply sure that studying in Korea is a best correct choice in my life. I made friend with many students came from another countries and take part in the funny lessons with them everyday. Beside that the Korean cuisines easily attract me with amazing taste. During vacation, I got the journey in my travel list, so I had the chance to visit beautiful places where crowded streets and never ending traffic. Therefore, so hard to leave this country for me. And I believe that many people who have a Korean dream, will come here soon.