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Immigration & Visa

Alien Registration

Registration form, passport, one photo, proof of enrollment, proof of tuberculosis tests, fee

Student (D-2) Visa Extension

Registration form, passport, Alien Registration Card, proof of enrollment, transcript, tuition payment receipt, proof of living quarters (dormitory fee payment receipt, proof of residence, contract, utility bill payment receipt, etc.),proof of finance document, fee.

Hourly Employment Visa

  • Permitted Employment Time: 20 hours a week for undergraduate or language courses, 30 hours for graduate students
    * During semester: unlimited hours on holidays (including weekends) During vacation: Unlimited hours
  • Permitted Fields of Employment:
    Translations, assistant at eateries, assistant at regular offices, etc.
    Sales clerk, cafeteria helper, event organizer, etc. at English Village or English Camp
    Assistant tour guide, sales clerk at duty free shops, etc.
  • Permitted time period: limited to one year at two locations during their stay
  • Limits on Extension: students with a 70% or less attendance, G.P.A. of 2.0 or less, delinquent behaviors (at job location, working hours), falsifying documents and undocumented students
  • Necessary documents: passport, Alien Registration Card, application, proof of hourly employment, transcript
    * Contact International Affairs (055-213-2633) for inquires related to student visa for foreign students or foreign stay
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