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Partner Universities

The international partners that reach the agreement
and carry out exchange programs with CWNU.

147 universities from 26 countries as of March,

North America

Admission Schedule
Category Country Institution
North America Canada McMaster University
Canada Northern College
U.S.A Brookhaven College
U.S.A Hofstra University
U.S.A Lehman College
U.S.A Michigan Technological University
U.S.A New Jersey City University
U.S.A Northern illinois University
U.S.A Pennsylvania State University
U.S.A Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
U.S.A San Jacinto College
U.S.A Southwestern University
U.S.A The University of Texas at Arlington
U.S.A University of Memphis
U.S.A University of Nebraska-Lincoln
U.S.A University of Northern Colorado
U.S.A University of San Francisco
U.S.A University of Texas, San Antonio
U.S.A Utah State University
U.S.A Western Kentucky University
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