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Industrial Technology Research Center

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The Industrial Technology Research Center at Changwon University was established to contribute to the development of the regional and national industrial technology. Located in the Changwon Industrial Complex ? the first cradle of the Korea Association of Machinery Industry ? the center provides theory and research education to its students by performing research on the theory and application of industrial technology. Accordingly, by achieving the purpose of its establishment, the Industrial Technology Research Center has a bilateral cooperation with research centers from local governments, regional industries, state-funded research centers (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, and Agency for Defense Development), the Public Support Agency (Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Administration) and Korea Polytech VII College. The center consists of professors from the Engineering College and there are three different research centers. The center aims to undertake cooperative research with joint participation, both with researchers from cooperative research institutions and industrial professionals.