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Institute for Basic Sciences

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This institute was launched on September 21st, 1989 at Changwon National University as an affiliated research institute and on March 1st, 1992, was promoted to an independent research center. Today, the institute is dedicated to research for the development of the nation's natural sciences.
The institute has four sub-divisions in performing its roles and obligations: mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biotechnology. The aim of the institute is to vitalize the basic sciences and bring them to an international level by doing joint research with neighboring research centers and regional industries.
The institute places its focus on the following:
* theory on natural sciences and research in applied fields
* contribution to the regional and national science skills
* foster a creative workforce in scientific skills
To achieve this, the institute provides academic lectures from invitees, publications of research papers, fostering of manpower through researchers with master's and post-doctoral degrees and recommendations for national science policies. In 1997, the institute was selected as a university-centered institute by the Korea Research Foundation and from December of 1999 to August of 2006, it had performed university-centered projects for six years straight. Through vigorous research activities, the institute was named University Centered Institute by The Korea Research Foundation (called The National Research Foundation of Korea as of 2013) and given a nine-year project. It is committed in playing a leading role in basic sciences and becoming a respected center of research.