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Graduate Schools

Graduate School
Division Department   Major Course
Master Docto
Combined M & D
Social Science
Korean Language & Literature Korean linguistics, Contemporary literature, O O  
English Language & Literature English O O  
German Language & Literature Germanistik,German Literature O    
French Language & Literature French French literature O    
History Korean history,Oriental history, Western history O O O
Philosophy Eastern Western philosophy O    
Education Education history & philosophy, Educational sociology- lifelong education O O  
Special Education Education for children with communication &hearing impairments-multiple disabilities &mental retardation,  Education for children emotional and behavior disorders learning disabilities-mental retardation O O O
Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education O    
Law Private law, Public law,Criminal law O O  
Public Administration Public administration O O  
International Relations International relations O    
Chinese Studies Chinese studies O    
International Trade Trade management ,International Business O O O
Business Administration Human resource &organization,Management science and business strategy,International business and marketing,Finance O O  
 Economics & Financial information Economics, Finance & Insurance O O O
Accounting Accounting,Business information O O  
Taxation Taxation O    
Mathematics & Statics Mathematics, Applied mathematics, Statics,Curriculum education O O  
Physics O O O
Chemistry Chemistry O O O
Food & Nutrition Food science, Dietetics O O O
Clothing & Textile Fashion,Material science O O O
Biology & Microbiology Zoology, Phytology,Microbiology,Genetic engineering O O O
Biochemistry & Health Science Biomedical science, Industrial health O    
Nursing Science Nursing science O    
Engineering School of Mechatronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineering O O  
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Mechanical design and manufacturing O O O
Electrical Engineering Electrical engineering O O O
Electronic Engineering Electronic engineering O O O
Control and Instrumentation Control and instrumentation O O  
Computer Engineering Computer engineering O O O
School of
Materials Science &
Advanced Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Advanced metallurgical and materials Engineering O O O
Convergence Materials Science and Engineering Convergence materials science and engineering O O O
Industrial & Systems Engineering Industrial &systems Engineering O O  
Environmental Engineering Environmental engineering O O O
Chemical & Systems Engineering Chemical &systems engineering O O O
Civil Engineering Civil engineering O O O
Architectural Engineering Architectural engineering O O O
Information & Communication Engineering Information &communication engineering O    
Architecture Architecture O    
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Naval architecture and marine Engineering O    
Physical Education
Music Music O    
Fine  Arts Korean O    
Industrial Design Industrial design O O O
Dance Korean dance, Ballet, Musical, Modern dance O    
Physical Education Humanities& social science, Natural science O O  
International Affairs