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College of Future Convergence

Dept. of Venture Convergence

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The Department of Venture Convergence aims to educate the subjects in venture through the organic combination and the actual courses of the field through the convergence with related fields in all industries.

The educational target is not only for those who have graduated from high school, but also those who are preparing for reemployment or start-ups, as well as those who are already engaged in occupational activities. In addition, the main focus of education is competitive business start-up design through problem solving ability and management ability enhancement at the start-up site. To this end, we aim to effectively adapt technology to the times of global competition and to foster technology and entrepreneurs who meet the demands of the modern era. The specific goal is to cultivate systematic and professional knowledge and foster entrepreneurial training such as incubator training, business incubator and nursery-consulting managers through practical entrepreneurial education.

  1. Regional innovative technology-based start-ups
  2. Idea start-ups through idea development
  3. Start-ups closely related to everyday life
  4. Start-ups in distribution, service and franchise
  5. SNS and online start-ups
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