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College of Future Convergence

Dept. of Asset Management

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The Department of Asset Management not only fosters professional talents for personal asset management,

but also professionals related to financial and non-financial institutions. In addition, the department cultivates professionals who are able to contribute to society and who have a broad knowledge in finance, real estate, law, taxation, accounting, etc., on the basis of economic theories. By providing diverse programs to acquire various certificates related to finance and asset management, the department promotes improvement in competitiveness. Upon graduation, guidance is given to students for their reemployment pursuits, and through this, they will not only make improvements in their competitiveness, but also have the capability to design more secure investment techniques.

*Theoretical education in business management required for modern people including corporate practitioners.

*Practical education to foster professionals in the fields of finance, taxation, and accounting.

*Promote globally cultured individuals who can adapt to globalization and contribute to the improvement of human culture.

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