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College of Future Convergence

College of Future Convergence

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The College of Future Convergence provides complete education for "Fostering the 4C Global Talents in character, creativity and professionalism"

by aiming to become the nation's leading Lifelong Education College in job expansion, reemployment, and in new start-ups.

Special Features of Education Curriculum

  • Implementation of cyber classes offered to those lacking time to attend regular classes.
  • Reduce learning burden by developing various educational content.
  • Reduce burden to workers by offering night classes and weekend classes.

Maximization of Learners' Support Service

  • Provide practical training for position holders by offering on-job training and capstone design.
  • Establishment of educational infrastructure (student council room, seminar room, consultation room) for lifelong learners.

Strengthening of Student Support Benefits

  • Provide mentoring programs: By placing student mentors, contribute to school adaptation and learning enhancement.
  • Vitalization of Consultations: Offer satisfaction in educational learning through regular and frequent consultations from academic advisors.
  • Offer short-term courses for enhancement of basic learning: To overcome the absent period from formal education, support programs are offered in enhancing the fundamental learning of basic courses.
  • Student Council Activity Support: Support for student council participation, workshops, and sports events to provide a smooth management of educational operations and satisfaction of campus life.
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