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College of Arts

Dept. of Design

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The educational aim of the Department of Design is to "lead the local design and foster professional designers with a creative personality who can pursue a future-oriented direction."

For the cultivation of essential knowledge and skills, the department is striving to organize training and education in visual information design, product and environmental design, and craft design.
For students in lower level classes, basic training courses are offered and for those in upper level classes, a variety of detailed and outlined courses have been created to enable them to have a deeper understanding of their major. Also, the department provides specialized class plans, teaching content, textbooks, and evaluation for students in each year and major. In addition to theory lessons, audio-visual aids and the Internet are utilized to maximize the understanding of the variety of courses offered. For experimental practicum, students can increase their adaptability through on-site experiential learning. Furthermore, the department strives to provide all undergraduate students both realistic and future-oriented educational courses through a variety of on-site training, guest lectures, exhibition viewing, and seminars.
In order to prevent academic congestion, introduction and improvement of new academic disciplines are offered and we feel positive in providing a variety of educational content and opportunities.

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