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College of Arts

Dept. of Fine Art

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The aim of the Department of Fine Art is to foster genuine fine arts professionals.

The department focuses on securing these professionals' identity as artists by helping them gain creative competence, various visual art theories and extensive knowledge in their major fields of study, Korean painting, Western painting, and sculpture. In addition, the department pursues a holistic art education for the exploration of universal truth through formative arts and to meet the new social and cultural diversity.
As the only department of fine arts located in South Gyeongsang Province, it has already produced countless artists, art educators and administrators. To cultivate development and improvement of local arts and culture, the department has a joint sister school in Japan, The College of Art at Guju Industrial University and regularly presents art exhibitions and provides student exchange programs. In addition, the department conducts exchange programs for professors, art exhibitions and seminars jointly with the University of New Jersey in the United States. These international exchanges have enabled students to recognize the flow of the world art scene and to build a creative art world to contribute to global art.

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