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College of Mechatronics

School of Materials Science and Engineering

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The School of Materials Science and Engineering is a convergence study exploring the relationship

between structure and properties of substances and the application of various fields related to science and engineering. In the study of materials science and engineering, the structure and properties of matter depart at the atomic or molecular level and the development of new materials is an essential, basic condition for the implementation of state-of-the-art science and technology. Accordingly, the School of Materials Science and Engineering can be classified as a comprehensive study covering the basic studies of physics and chemistry as well as the high-tech sector of nanotechnology. Also, the study covers the major engineering fields such as mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering. The School of Materials Science and Engineering includes a curriculum related to the understanding and application of the basic structuresand properties of substances and also includes a common curriculum related to mechatronics which converges the fields of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems. The School of Materials Science and Engineering contributesto the development of the nation as well as the local community by cultivating talented individuals with creative problem-solving skills and with an academic foundation in mechanical, electrical, electronic, and control sensor engineering.

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