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College of Engineering

Dept. of Architectural Engineering

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In order to provide a more effective education in assisting students

to acquire the knowledge they will need in the 21st Century construction industry, the Department of Architectural Engineering provides its students with the understanding of the process of constructing buildings and of tectonic environments. They will be able to realize this understanding through work in design and experiments while acquiring the ability to evaluate these matters. Upon graduation, students will be able to perform their roles as competent engineers who can design, construct, and manage safe and reliable buildings and structures.
In addition, the main purpose of the department is to educate and foster professionals who will have extensive knowledge and work ethic by providing communication skills and skills in creating survival environments. With this achievement, they will be able to collaborate with professionals from Korea and from all across the globe. Furthermore, the department cultivates construction engineers to possess creativity and leadership through the strengthening of the industry-academy cooperation which provides certified training.

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