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College of Engineering

School of Industrial Engineering and Naval Architecture

The School of Industrial Engineering and Naval Architecture focuses on education which is based on the implementation of tool utilization,

laboratory exercises, and projects which industrial & systems and naval architecture engineers are required to be equipped with. They must reflect the core foundation of competence and their field of study with the needs of the site of construction. In addition, the department, in accordance with the support of the government, fosters multi-talented individuals who can contribute to the southeastern offshore plant industry and furthermore, fosters world-class engineers in industrial & systems and shipbuilding.

Industrial and Systems Engineering Track

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Industrial and Systems Engineering Track is a study on improving the productivity and efficiency of production systems by improving the design, construction, and operation in producing a product or service. Accordingly, the ability of effectively designing and operating a production system is necessary for an engineer and the abilities of analyzing, planning and managing a production system is necessary for management. In addition, the production system is a comprehensive study as it includes complex fields such as production, manufacturing, information, retail, finance, healthcare, transportation, human resources, leisure and public services. Our department fosters skillful engineers and managers for the advancement in computerization, localization and globalization.

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Track

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The Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Track was established to cultivate the talent necessary for the world's best naval architecture and marine industry here in Korea. In order to form a solid theoretical foundation for the respective fields in naval architecture and marine engineering and simultaneously acquire field experience through the industry-academy program, we enable students to gather problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt in the industry. In addition, this track aims to foster professional technicians who are able to actively participate in the development of the nation and its society through international and technological exchanges and possess a broad vision as a naval architecture and marine engineer.

International Affairs