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College of Natural Sciences

Dept. of Clothing & Textiles

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Students in this major will first acquire knowledge for managing and understanding the fields of fashion materials, planning, production, distribution, and sales.

They will also acquire basic knowledge and understanding of the needs of the consumers which are essential for fashion industry professionals.
Second, they will effectively develop the ability to manage industrial situations and respond proactively by applying the basic knowledge in combining new state-of-the-art technology and information to this field.
Third, our aim is to foster professionals with international aptitude for understanding the international market related to the textile and fashion industry, while at the same time being linked to the regional textile industry.
Fourth, students in this department acquire manufacturing skills in IT, CAD, and CAM. They will also acquire practical training through company visitations, field training, field projects, and lectures from business executives. In addition, students will acquire maximum creative skills by participating in annual fashion collections and exhibitions.

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