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College of Natural Sciences

Dept. of Biology and Chemistry

The Department of Biology and Chemistry is a leading department which pursues the academic convergence and linkage of

the two core disciplines in the natural sciences, namely biology and chemistry. The department fosters talented individuals with a high level of performance in research by having a solid foundation and knowledge in their major subjects. Also suitable, are those with expertise in chemistry and students who are future-oriented in science as well as those with advanced academic research and technological development for international competitiveness.

Dept. of Biology

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The Department of Biology has enjoyed rapid development in the field of biology since its opening in 1980 and is leading the way in applied sciences which include medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, genetic engineering and environmental studies. As the field of study that researches living organisms, the Department of Biology is the basic foundation of applied sciences. The department aims to foster a professional workforce with the basic knowledge for today's advanced science that will contribute to the development of society.

Dept. of Chemistry

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As a branch of natural science that targets matter, chemistry is the study which not only investigates natural phenomena, but also applies them to human life by studying and identifying energy conversion and other phenomena related to chemical changes of substances in materials such as composition, structure and properties. In addition, this study covers basic theories which enable the research development for the latest high-tech skills and industrial research to be carried out. Established in 1987, the Department of Chemistry allows students to explore the chemical nature of materials and to acquire specific knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry. With the opening of the graduate school in 1992, the department enabled its students to obtain the knowledge of specialists who comprehensively keep pace with the latest development trends related to chemistry. By training high-quality individuals to become the cornerstone in the development of chemistry-related fields, this department aims to protect human life and further contribute to the betterment and development of society.

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