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College of Economics & Business

Dept. of Business Administration

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The Department of Business Administration has played a major role in the fostering of talents and development of Changwon National University

since its opening in 1989. The department secured the framework of a complete educational institute with the opening of its master's program in 1989, doctoral program in 1991 and the graduate school of labor in 1991.
The department has firmly positioned itself as the leading academic institute in the community by producing numerous professionals with the graduation of 2,000 undergraduates, 400 master's and 50 doctoral students. In particular, each of the courses offered by the Graduate School of Business Administration has become the symbol of the reconciliation of theory and practice of corporate management in the community regarding industry, academia and research.
The main research areas of Business Administration are divided into categories of personnel, organization, production, finance, marketing, management strategies, and international business. Currently, research and teaching are provided by 10 tenured professors and a number of adjunct professors and part-time lecturers.
The role and demand of business administration will increase with the development of the industrial society and as the nation becomes more advanced. Accordingly, the professors of Business Administration confirm their commitment to painstakingly foster outstanding talents in the future and become role models in harmonizing industry, academia and research.

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