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College of Social Sciences

Dept. of Family Welfare

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The Department of Family Welfare at Changwon National University fosters experts who are able to resolve various problems

facing modern families such as divorce, domestic violence, issues with the elderly, youth issues, single-parent family issues, conflicts related to generation gaps, parenting issues, parent education issues, and others. The field of education conducted by the department consists of family welfare and family counseling and the department offers various theoretical training, as well as on-site training.
Through the exploration of family welfare, students can develop their areas of competence. Students also receive theoretical and practical training on major issues such as family, social welfare, and elderly issues resulting from social change. Students in their junior year can experience field sense through their training by social welfare institutions and develop their sense of identity as an expert in the field of social welfare and family counseling.
The Department of Family Welfare provides a research institute for elderly issues to contribute to the regional improvement of elderly welfare, a family counseling center to contribute to family welfare, as well as research institutes for family welfare and policy, children issues, and child welfare.

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