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Notice for successful applicants of graduate school, 2013

??? 2012-12-28

HIT : 572


Notice for successful applicants of graduate school, 2013.doc


Notice for successful applicants of graduate school, 2013


List of the successful applicants: 2012.12.28, 10:00 ~




1. Submission of certificate of degree and graduation

1) Applicants who submitted the certificate of graduating student should submit the certificate of degree and graduation for admission (by 28th of February, 2013)

2) All the documents should be notarized in English or Korean. 

3) Admission may be rescinded if the information applicants provided are different from facts and if the degree is not acknowledged to be appropriate or legal.


2. Registration  

1)  Registration: 2013.02.05 ~ 2013.02.08 (16:00)

2)  Notes

?. Registration fee notice print-out on the website www.changwon.ac.kr

?. Successful applicants are required to register only in cash within the designated period

  ? If you need to remit the tuition fee to CNU in home Country, you must remit the tuition fee by 30th of January, 2013

? Successful applicants are required to complete the registration within the specified period. If not, their admission may be rescinded.

    ?. If successful applicants cannot get student visa, the tuition fee would be refunded but the refund commission fee is for applicants.

? Wire Transfer

Bank Name

National agricultural cooperative federation

Depositor :

Changwon National University

Account No





Changwon University sub-branch

Branch Address


Branch TEL


Branch Fax


? After wire transfer, you must send the format #10 to the office of international affairs for verification of payment.  Email: admission@changwon.ac.kr  FAX: 82-55-213-2639


3) Tuition fee


Admission Fee


School Supporting Association Fee



Social Science


399,500 won

1,525,000 won

2,106,000 won

Natural Sciences, physical


408,500 won

1,909,000 won

2,499,000  won

Engineering, Arts

181,000 won

437,000 won

2,074,000 won

2,692,000  won



4) Scholarship



Entrance Scholarship

a. : Full scholarship To all who continue his/her degree program in our school

b. 100% School Supporting Association fee to all
1)who achieve over 4grade of TOPIK or
2) who complete 4 grade(or higher) course in Korean Language School of CNU
3) who achieve over iBT 90, CBT233, TOFLE577, TOEIC 830, TEPS 610, IESTS6.0

c. except in the case of a/b, 80% of new students will be awarded 3 levels scholarship in order of merit establish by Korean test after admission.

Academic Excellence Scholarship

80% of international students will be awarded 3 levels scholarship in order of merit establish by their G.P.A in previous semester.(70%) + Korean Language Test or English Test< iBT, CBT, TOFLE, TOEIC, TEPS >(30%)

Scholarship levels

 ? 1st : 100% of School Supporting Association fee

 ? 2nd : 50% of School Supporting Association fee

 ? 3rd : Tuition


3. Visa

Applicants overseas should directly apply for students visa to Korean Embassy.

1) Chinese applicant: Passport, 1 Photo, Application Visa Issuance, I.D Card , Copy of Hokubu. 

   2) Foreign Residents: We will send the Certificate of Admission to applicants. Applicant must apply

      for the students visa the Korean Embassy with all the required documents.

3) Visa Change & Extension (in Korea)

  - Application period: 2013.02.18 ~ 02.20

  - Required Documents


Application, Alien registration card, Passport, the receipt of payment for tuition fee, Certificate of Graduation, Transcript, certificate of bank balance, Charge fee 30,000won



Application, Alien registration card, Passport, the receipt of payment for tuition fee, Original certificate of graduation & degree, Certificate of Completion &Transcript(Korean Language Institute), certificate of bank balance & copy of bank book, Charge fee 50,000won


 4. Entry

  1) Dormitory entry: after 28th of February

2) Bring confirmation of Medical examination in English (included tuberculosis, hepatitis)

  Without this medical examination, you should take examination in Korea

3) Pick up service by I.S.A (International Students Association)

- Date: 2.28 ~ 3.2, 2013

- If you have plan to entry this dates though Busan Airport, please send email with your Flight

schedule.  Email: admission@changwon.ac.kr


5. Dormitory 

 < Office of international affairs will apply for your dormitory instead of you according to the application>

 1 1) Enter dormitory: After 28th of February, 2013

    2) Food service: From the 3rd of March, 2013

    3) Notice of assignment of dormitory:  You can find Room Number on website after 26th of February

    4) Payment of dormitory fee: By 5th of March (we will let you know in orientation)

    5) If you didn?t choose dormitory in your application, please let us know the type of dormitory by email (by 5th of January, 2013)

l  All new students should stay in dormitory compulsorily. 

l  If you will stay with your family or out of campus, you should acquire the permission of Dean of international Affairs.   


6) Type of Dormitory




Stocked furniture

subsidiary facilities

Fee (Based on 2012)


(No. 1~3


male & female students




- desk, chair, book-case

- closet

- single bed

- telephone

- radiator

- internet lan

- Laundry room

- Reading room

- Public bath

- Public shower stall

- Health club

680,400won /16weeks


(No.4 building)

female students



twin room)

- desk, chair, book-case

- closet

- single bed

- telephone

- radiator

- internet lan

- bathroom/shower stall

per two rooms

- living room

- Laundry room

- Reading room

- Conference room

- Computer room


786,400won /16weeks


(No.5-6 building)

female students

Bed-sitting room

(twin room)

- desk, chair, book-case

- closet

- single bed

- telephone

- radiator

- internet lan

- bathroom/shower stall per room


- Laundry room

- Reading room

- Seminar room

- Resting place

882,400won /16weeks


? Dormitory doesn?t provide personal blanket, pillow and lan cable

? Fee includes two meals (breakfast & dinner) per weekday (Monday ~ Friday)  

Food tickets are available for supplementary meals (1900won ~ 2800won)

? There is additional fee during vacation. 

? Website: http://portal.changwon.ac.kr/home/dorm


6. Orientation for new students

1) Date: 4th of March (Monday) 13:00 ~ (preliminary)

2) Place: #1 seminar room of international affairs (preliminary)

3) For whom: all new students

4) Bring: 2 Photos, Passport, and 10,000won


7. Insurance

1) In case of emergency or unpredicted accident, all new students must buy the international students insurance upon entering the university during studying period ( In case of death, disease, accident) will be entitled to receive the coverage amount of over $10,000). If the applicant already is insured in his/her home county, the insurance policy should be submitted to the Office of International Affairs

2) The information involving insurance will be noticed in Orientation

  ? National Health insurance: 27,000won /month

  ? Student insurance of insurance company: 180,000won ~ 260,000won (1 year)

     Application: 2013.03.05 ~ 03.08 (Above premium is for group discount)

3) If you don?t have any insurance policy, CNU will not provide scholarship or any support.


8. Academic affairs

 1) You should contact your academic advisor for the course registration 

 2) Academic schedule

Course registration

2013.02.19 ~02.22


2013.03.04, 13:00 ~

Start Spring semester


Change of Course registration

2013.03.04 ~ 03.08



9. Website: Please visit this website regularly for more details

CNU Korean website


CNU English website


CNU Chinese website






Contact: Ms. Bo-kyeong Jeon

Email:  admission@changwon.ac.kr

Tel: 82-55-213-2633

Fax: 82-55-213-2639