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Report system to get Permission of Residence Change

김민정 2010-03-26

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유학생 체류지 변경 신고서.hwp

Report system to get Permission of Residence Change


From Spring semester, students who don't want stay dormitory or already stay out of campus should submit this repot form to get permission. With increased number of International students, International Affairs needs to know the residence and information of international students.

1)  Student who want to go out dormitory or already stays out of campus


2)  How to report : Print out and fill out this form- submit to International affairs   - Consultation with staff - Get the permission or nonpermission by Dean, International Affairs

 - with the permission, you can apply for cancelation of dormitory and stay out of campus


3) Restriction

 :  No scholarship to students apply for the cancelation of dormitory staying or staying out of campus without the permission, or International Affairs can't find his/her residence and contact information ( If you stay out of campus with your relatives, you need to report your residence. No restriction)

4) If you stay out of campus, you should submit this form by 31th of March to allmj@changwon.ac.kr


5) Contact : 055-213-2633




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г ܱ л ü л Ȳ ľ Ͽ 2010-1бп ü ϰų пܿ üϰ ִ ܱ л ü Ű Ʒ ǽմϴ. 

1) : ܱ л п ü ϰų, ü       

2) Ű : ü 㰡 ۼ -> -> 㰡 Ǵ   -> лȰ û 㰡

3) : شб ü 㰡 ʰ пܿ ü㰡 ϰų ü Ȳľ , б     (, ȥ ģô ָ п ü 㰡 ġʰ, ּ ϵ Ѵ)


4) пܿ ü ϰ ִ л ݵ ü Ű ۼϿ 3 31ϱ : allmj@changwon.ac.kr Ͻñ ٶϴ. 

5) : 055-213-2633