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Head Offices
Office of Academic Affairs
Office of Student Affairs
Office of Planning and Coordination
Office of General Administration
Industry-University Cooperation Foundation
College of Humanities
College of Social Sciences
Business School
College of Natural Sciences
College of Engineering
College of Mechatronics
College of Arts
College of Future Convergence
(Dept. of Culture Techno)
Graduate School
Graduate School
Graduate School of Education
Graduate School of Public Affairs
Graduate School of Business
Graduate School of Engineering
Graduate School of Welfare
Graduate School of Public Health
Graduate School of Highest Institute Learning

Affiliated Facilities

Primary Educational Facility
Supporting Institutes
IT Information Center
Student Activities Center
Daycare Teachers Education Center
Language Education Center
Support Center for Foundation
International Affairs
Bongrim Institute for State Examinations
Joint Laboratory Practice
Comprehensive Human Resource Development Center
University Development and Cooperation Center
Innovative Engineering Education Center
Media Center
University Press
Fundamental Education Center
Leading in INdustry- University Cooperation (LINC) Promotion Team
Headquarters for Instigating Specialized Projects
Advancement of College Education (ACE) Promotion Team
Multi-Culture Promotion Center
Foundation Support Team
Research Institutes
Humanities Research Institute
Social Science Research Institute
Economic and Business Administration Research Institute
Fundamental Technology Research Institute
Research Institute of Human Ecology
Physical Education Research Center
Design Research Institute
Mechatronics Research Center
Biotechnology Research Institute
Natural Science Ductility and Bionic Materials Fusion Research Center
Industrial Technology Research Center
College (Graduate School) Support Institutes
Humanities College
– Open Humanities Center
Engineering College
– Affiliated Factory
Arts College
– Cultural Arts Center
Educational College
– Middle and High School Education Research Center
Future Convergence College
– Lifelong Education Center
Joint Student-Military Education Center


  • Changwon National University HakYeon Scholarship Committee
  • Changwon National University
  • Il Yeon Academic Promotion Foundation
    Joint Association of Campus Life
  • Changwon National University Scholarship Committee
  • Changwon National University Sang
    - Soon Scholarship Committee
  • Industry-Academy Joint Foundation
  • Changwon National University Song
    - Won Scholarship Committee
  • Changwon National University Woo
    - Dang Scholarship Committee
  • Development Fund Foundation
Division of Planning and Assessment