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Message from the President

I sincerely welcome you in visiting Changwon National University with its rich history in the democratization and industrialization of the Republic of Korea.

This year marks the school's 46th anniversary and the university has lived up to its reputation as a leading national university in the region. In order to make the university globally competitive, we are bringing together the wisdom and skills of our distinguished members. The competitiveness of our university has been proven through the cultivation of outstanding and talented individuals and through its academic research. In addition, by having the country's largest industrial complex in our region, we have become the new role model for Industry-Academy Cooperation.

The more than 80,000 alumni have put their alma mater on the global map by not only becoming the workforce of their communities, but also by acting as pillars for the growth of the national economy and dispersing their outstanding talents throughout the globe. As the age of unlimited competition becomes more aggressive, our staff will do the utmost to secure a bright future for each and every student at Changwon National University.

As we approach our 50th anniversary, I proclaim a second phase of the school's establishment. I am proposing a new chapter in opening a new future with the school motto of sincerity, truth, freedom, and creativity. In order to achieve this, our university will offer supremacy in education and research and aim to become the following: "An Excellent University in Educational Competency", "A Global University" and "A University Administration Offering Freedom and Communication". In addition, the school will continue fostering students with basic academic skills, job-oriented skills, and a strong character.

I invite you to join us in our path to "The Second Phase of the School's Establishment". I wish to communicate openly with all those who support and cherish Changwon National University by becoming a partner with them. Our staff will put forth their undivided attention and efforts to the second phase of the school's establishment. Be part of the future of the soaring Changwon National University. Thank you.

Division of General Affairs Development Cooperation